How to Conduct Effective Governance Online Meetings

Governance Online meetings are a great method of making decisions that can affect the entire organization. But, they’re not a replacement for face to face meetings. Directors and shareholders have to be physically present to take decisions that legally binding.

Virtual meetings should be conducted in a way that is as similar as the real-world experience as possible. Participants should prepare for the meeting, study any advance materials and be on time. They should also interact with one the same way as they would during the face-toface meeting.

The best method to accomplish this is to create an agenda for the meeting that is sent to everyone in advance and set a specific timeframe for each item on the agenda. This will ensure that discussions stay on track and prevents the meeting from going over its time. The presiding officers can also invite participants to send messages or raise their hands whenever they would like to take part. This will allow them to talk about their thoughts without interrupting others and keep them from feeling separated from the rest of the group.

The officer in charge of the meeting should encourage the use of the mute button. This will help in reducing any background noise like dogs barking, crying children or the doorbell ringing. They should also make sure to check in regularly with attendees to ensure they’re able to participate. Additionally, they must make sure that minutes are taken of the meeting and all important decisions or actions are recorded.

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