Here is a little bit about our team! We are AMI Montessori-certified teachers, Montessori parents, and individuals passionate about early childhood education. Our dedication to working with young children runs back over fifteen years, when we discovered the joy of working with children in a classroom. Through teaching and parenting experiences, we realized the depth of the Montessori method, and truly understood the meaning of respectful way of parenting. Even though we support classroom education, we strongly believe that the most important child’s education happens at home and parents are the primary teachers to their children. We also passionately believe that parents need a lot of support to bring their best to their child’s first fundamental six years of life, and to get on track of positive and supportive parenting.

My Self-Learner was created as a space to celebrate and support parenting. We are here to share our expertise and knowledge with you. Our easy-to-follow programs, materials, and customized consultations are designed for busy and dedicated parents. 

Nadiya Rapp

Masters Degree in Secondary Education

Association Montessori International (AMI) Certified Elementary Teacher (age 6-12)

Experience working in Toddler, Primary and Elementary classrooms

Lana Zablotskaya

Masters Degree in Montessori Education

Association Montessori International (AMI) Certified Primary Teacher (age 3-6)

Certified Positive Discipline Educator (parents and classroom)

Experience working in Primary and Elementary classrooms